"I had the unique opportunity to meet with city leaders and learn the ins and outs of how this city functions, while at the same time developing my own leadership skills."

- Derrick Kariman; Year 3

Krystle Property Management



Our Year 1 class beautified Tennessee Street in Vallejo. They implemented Christmas lights on the trees, added planters on the streets, created murals, and more. The effort to beautify Tennessee Street continues.


The admiration for a beautiful waterfront led Year 3 to create a project that replaced planters, added doggie doo stations, pressure washed walkways, plus repaired and repainted benches and curbs.


Year 4 created an evening fundraiser consisting of restaurant wine and beer tastings, safety demonstrations, and live entertainment. Proceeds benefited the Guardian Angels and the Vallejo Volunteer Police Offices. The event was so successful that it is now held every year.


The goal of the Year 6 project was to teach, implement, and engage youth in the culture of art. The project brought together volunteer artists and students of various ages to create an art project that displayed students’ creativity and expression. Their pieces were on display at the McCree-Goodeau Art Gallery during the summer of 2013. 

Information Resource for Homeless & Low Income Citizens                 

In Year 8, this LV Project aimed to create an electronic monitor or kiosk that provides daily and weekly information on what services are available to homeless and low income citizens, such as housing, meals, haircuts, medical support, job reentry, etc. The information will be fed by a website that service providers can update on a regular basis. The Participatory Budgeting RFP process that seeks to provide funding for a coordinated homeless strategy now includes the information kiosk concept as part of the plan.

Grace Patterson Elementary Traffic Safety Project                 

It came to this groups attention, in Year 10, that there was a major safety issue with many of the children attending Grace Patterson Elementary School.  Many of the children that attended the school had to cross Hwy 29 while walking to and from home.  At the end of the project, they purchased lighted crosswalks, street signs, A-frame boards, and assisted with a bus schedule review, (working with the City of Vallejo and local agencies). 

Community CPR Program                      

The CPR group selected this project because it had the ability to not only help educate the community, but also to save lives.  Their goal was the increase the survival rate of Cardiac Arrest victims in Vallejo through outreach and education on Hands-Only CPR in 2017.  In connection with the Vallejo Fire Department, this group helped with the PR of the program and attended numerous community events to educate the community. 

Vallejo Watershed Alliance-Creek Corridor QR Signage                    

The main idea of the Creek Corridor QR Signage project was a desire to help preserve the natural areas of Vallejo, and include modern technological aspects to a public trail.The group coordinated high school students to assist with the labor, and installed the informational QR signs so the community has the opportunity to learn about the environment and history on the Hann’s Park Trail.